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Best Plant Based Protein Powders

plant based protein powder

When it comes to protein powder and being vegan, vegetarian, or even just dairy free, it seems as if they are just nonexistent! As I continue on my healthy journey I find it harder and harder to find a protein powder that fits my needs and tastes good too. I’ve looked everywhere from Amazon to Walmart to Vitamin shop and I tried them all. Some were amazing others, not so much. It’s so hard sticking to a still unchartered territory when it comes to plant-based protein powders. Today I wanted to show you some of my favorite plant-based protein powders from across the boards. So let’s get started.

Plant-Based Protein Powder

We’re going to break it down quickly and easy for everyone

So Lean and Clean By Ora

  • 21- 23 grams of protein per serving
  • A super blend made from dehydrated organic berries, veggies, and coconut milk
  • Whole food blend of cranberry, apple, kale, blackberry, acerola, blueberry, broccoli, Jerusalem artichoke, pomegranate, strawberry, turmeric, coconut milk, and more. They also have a digestive enzyme blend for nutrient absorption.
  • 6-7 grams of iron
  • Zero grams of sugar, the flavored versions are sweetened with organic monk fruit and stevia.

Flavors: Unflavored &unsweetened, Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Chai

KOS Organic Plant Protein

  • Sourced from pea protein, flax, quinoa, pumpkin seed, and chia.
  • 20 grams of soy-free protein with no fillers
  • Has digestive enzymes, organic fruits, and a veggie blend as well as some yummy fats from coconut milk.
  • 2 grams of coconut sugar and it has stevia and monk fruit extract.

Orgain Organic Protein

  • 21 grams of plant protein sourced from peas, brown rice, and chia seeds.
  • Some flavors contain natural caffeine from organic cocoa
  • Sweetener from stevia extract with no added sugars
  • 5 grams of fiber

Flavors: Vanilla Bean, Creamy Chocolate fudge, Peanut Butter, Natural unsweetened, Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt, Iced Coffee, Cookies and Cream.

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