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Conscious Consumerism on a Budget: How to Shop Ethically without Breaking the Bank

Hello fellow hippies! Welcome to a new blog post. As hippies we are all about sustainability and mindful living. When it comes to fashion and clothing in general it can be very hard to remain sustainable in a world where it seems as if fast fashion is king and being sustainable is left to the way side. We have all heard the same song and dance of buy less and buy better but sometimes you need new clothes whether it’s for an event, new job, or body changes. There are so many reasons on why you might need new clothing and it can be hard to find something that aligns with your values, style, and wallet. In this post I want to share with you some ways I am sustainable and live well within my means.

After my twenties my body began to change a lot and so did my clothing. While a lot of it can still work, some of them have a lot of holes or do not fit me any more. Some of these clothes are well over 10 years old and let’s face it, there’s only so much patchwork can do till you have to accept the fact that, it’s time for new clothes! When I started this task I realized it’s hard to find good clothes at a reasonable price. But I kept trying and found a few realistic ways to remain sustainable and wallet conscious in a world that isn’t so consumer friendly.

How To Shop Ethically

Buy Clothes That You’re Going To Wear More Than Once

Even if you need something for just one event make it as versatile at possible. Buy something that will last for a long time and you can wear to different events or seasons, not just a one time thing.

When you do buy make it last awhile

Take care of your clothes. No matter how ethical the brand is if you replace a top every couple of months it’s no longer sustainable. Pay attention to the care tags and wash them gently, remember you need to make them last years.. The most sustainable thing you can do it re use.

Look For Quality

Even in fast fashion you can find some pieces that are better quality than others. Look for thick fabric that holds shape well so you can have it for a while.

Avoid Trends

Cultivate a timeless style, that you love so you’re not constantly trend chasing. When you have a style you love it’s easier to shop and find new looks in your own wardrobe. When you’re trend chasing you can’t always be sustainable and affordable, remember fashion is fleeting style is eternal.

Thrift Shop

When in doubt Thrift. Thrifting is perfect for when you just need to bulk up your wardrobe. You already have all your must haves and you just don’t have any variety that’s what thrifting is for, I have a entire article on how to thrift (here) but basically when thrifting have an open mind, be prepared to dig, and still don’t over consume. The point is buy what you need not just what you want.

When it comes to shopping finding a brand that works with your wallet and your ethics can be a tall order. However, with sustainability becoming the focus for a lot of brands and consumers speaking up about unethical practices we are slowly getting closer to a more planet friendly and a affordable shopping experience. In the meantime I hope these tips help you on your hippie journey and thank you so much for stopping by, see you next time.

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