Creating a welcoming environment is paramount to having a happy home life. When you’re moving into a new place it’s rare that you’re the only energy that passed through those walls. So it’s best to cleanse when you start in a new place you want it to be a fresh start and welcome in renewed energy. Removing negative energy should be regular practice in places you will be dwelling or when you come back to your place. By doing this practice regularly your energy will feel lighter and it will inspire an overall positive mindset.

When Should You Cleanse Your Space?

  • Before you move into a new place or During a big life transition
  • After an argument
  • After you’ve been stressed out or sick
  • Following a breakup or a loss
  • When you feel stuck or have a brain fog

Today we will mainly be focusing on cleansing your space before moving in but these practices can be used in any of these situations.

How To Cleanse A New Home or Space

These practices can be used individually or all at once if you like, but it’s usually not necessary. It’s good to cleanse multiple times so feel free to experiment with whatever feels best to you.

Set a new intention for the home.

What do you want to flourish in this house or what does this move signify for you? How do you want to feel when you come into the space or feel like? For example, when I moved into my current place this was my fresh start I wanted this space to be full of abundance and peace. So when I was cleaning my home I would say things like “My intention is to live a happy and abundant life here” ” This move is the start of my new life” and “I can’t wait to create my life here.” All of these things set my intentions and tone for the new place.

You Can Burn Incense And Other Herbs

Herbs have a deep connection with the earth and have been used for years to help clear the energy in a place. Place the herb of your choice on a fire-safe container and set it alight, then blow out the flame allowing the ambers to create smoke. Begin going through the home and allow the smoke to spread throughout the room making sure to focus on the corners.

Place Crystals Around The Home

Make sure you do this strategically. Use the crystals to help awaken the energy you want in the room, usually, you want black tourmaline to help clear out any bad energy so it’s good to put that anywhere in the home.

Using Salt

Salt is a great way to absorb any lingering negative energy that might be a little stubborn. Fill up a mason jar full of white salt and set it in the corner of each room to absorb negative energy. You can also spread salt along the entry spaces in your place to ward off negative spirits. Using Himalayan salt lamps is also a great way of dissolving salt in a spray bottle and spraying it through the home is also a great practice.

Use Plants!

I’m an avid plant user! They help the air quality and can give bring in some great energy. Placing plants strategically around the house can help ward off bad energy and bring in fresh are and positive energy. Read about what plants you should have in your home here.

Making cleansing your space and energy should be a regular practice and can help set the tone while moving into a new place or phase in your life. By adding it to your regular cleaning schedule so you can continue have a clear mind and space.

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