Know Your Worth

I’ve been seeing one post on my social media feed about how finding your self-worth isn’t as this eye-opening peaceful moment and that it’s painful to cut ties with people who weren’t treating you well. While I understand that losing people in your life can be hard this is not the case when you know your worth. Let me explain.

When you begin your healing journey, it’s a path to rediscovery. It’s when you become unapologetically. This can be finally living in your truth or realizing that everything doesn’t deserve your energy. It is a path for you where you do a lot of self-reflection and 1st see how you have been treating yourself and change that behavior. For me, it was treating myself less than others and not taking my own opinion into account when making decisions. I would often think I wasn’t smart enough and that I had to play the role that was given to me when I was younger and nothing else even if I changed. Even though I was playing a part and people around me were happy I was not. The day I got my pink slip and decided to be happy and nurse myself I became more confident. I decided to break out of whatever role I was in and create a new path for myself.

Now when I did this there were plenty of people that didn’t like it. They were used to me playing a part and falling in line with whatever they wanted so when I started to go against the grain eventually they fell off. these were usually people I knew weren’t good for me and needed to leave in order for me to grow. My mindset wasn’t ” I’m cutting them off” it was “In order to grow I need to let them go.” Your mindset matters and that’s the hardest part of change When you understand the reason why these people are leaving your life and a real tangible reason and how it’s detrimental to you then there won’t be any pain. Remember a growing tree does not weep for the fallen leaves because she knows she will grow more in time.

A healing journey is a journey, not a list to check off, there is a great deal to learn about you and others. If you’re not ready to let someone go, wait til you are, it’s fine Rome wasn’t built in a day. Wait until you fully understand the reason they may or may not fit into your life, and have an honest conversation with them. Focus on finding commonality instead of proposing an ultimatum.

If you chose to embark on this journey, understand a lot of things will shift and change in your life. Once you understand that things need to change mentally, physically, emotionally, and more, you’ll understand that it is all a part of growing your new leaves and it can be a beautiful thing.

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