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Best Planters To Add A Boho Vacation Flare To Your Home

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a little vacation reminder in your home? It’s like adding sunshine to a cloudy day. One place where we can add a little vacation is in our home decor, which is our planters. So often we choose a safe route when it comes to our planters but there is so much fun to be had. I was someone who kept their plants in the same starter planter they came in. It’s something easy and neutral but I’m starting to wonder, why shouldn’t I have a bit more fun? Sometimes it’s hard to gauge what the plant needs when it’s in that little pot and that harms the plant and can lead to root bound.

Buying an actual planter can add a unique look to your place and helps your little plant babies grow up big and strong! You can also check on the well-being of the plant better and give it the necessary space to grow. So keep your plant babies happy while adding a fun boho flare to your home!

This beautiful handmade Rattan planter is a unique way to add a fun retro and boho flair to your home while giving your plants a great home. The significant part about these two planters is that you can add or remove the legs so these can go wherever you like in your hippie hideaway.

I love the color orange it brings so much energy to the home and it is such mood-boosting color! These little 6-inch pots are great for your indoor garden as it is sun resistant and it’s complete with drainage holes! A plant newbies dream.

Add a unique look to your succulent collection with this cute crescent moon planter! This planter is made from Galvanized metal that has a brushed finish that adds a nice touch of gold to the room. You can also use this as just decor with no plants but adding a tea light to this is just as cute. Bear in mind this does not have a drainage hole so you’ll need some gravel to your soil to promote drainage.

In the famous words of the Beatles “Here comes the sun!” This planter just makes me smile honestly. The vibrant hues awaken even the dimmest room. It’s definitely eye-catching and fits into any colorful room.

How gorgeous is this planter? I love her unique makeup and her relaxed look. It’s something that I only see on Pinterest boards and never know where to find it! But this African-styled planter comes in various color palettes and is handpainted so no two are just alike!

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