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How To Make Your Affirmations More Powerful When They Feel Off


I love a good affirmation. I believe that if we genuinely believe in them they can change our mindset and help us manifest our dreams! However, a lot of the time people can get a positive attitude confused with believing in yourself.

Believing in yourself and saying your affirmations should be based on some realism. There is nothing wrong with being real with yourself. Being positive means that you can see the brighter side of things, not that you’re always happy. And that’s ok, you’re not always going to be happy, it’s knowing that that feeling isn’t forever and finding a way out of a negative space that matters. Affirmations are a tool to help you find your way out of that negative headspace. Telling yourself you’ll be ok, and telling yourself you’ll succeed keeps your mind set on the end goal and shifts it out of what you’re feeling. That’s why we say them.

Sometimes though, it doesn’t feel like that toxic positivity mindset and that’s what can kill the power of affirmations and make you feel worse! That’s not the goal, so lets switch it up a bit.

If you’re having problems with turning your negative into positives try asking yourself questions about the positive outcomes. Here are some examples.

What if everything works out?

How will I feel when all of this is over?

What if everything is ok?

How does it feel to be centered?

How much better will I feel once I relax?

What if I’m not damaged?

What if everything is ok?

What if I can make it?

What will I do once my dreams come true?

Asking questions like this grounds the affirmation in reality and makes it seem more real, and more attainable as opposed to just saying everything is ok. By asking yourself how are you going to be ok it gives you a greater insight into what you are looking for and reminds you how everything thing is going to be after this moment as opposed to how you’re feeling in this moment.

How To Turn Your Affirmations Into Questions

My affirmations are typically used to achieve a goal, awaken a positive mindset, and self-love. So I’m going to show you how those sound and when you make yours try to follow that same way of thinking. When you say use your affirmations it’s more of an “I am” or “I will” statement instead to turn it into a question turn I am to “what if” or “how will”?

This is where that shift happens. By saying How will I succeed or What if today I tried to be more proactive? Even asking yourself what does it look like when everything works out? Makes you focus on a different aspect of your affirmation.Here are some more ideas to help you:

“I am divine” changes to “What if I am divine?”

“I love myself fully” changes to “What if I love myself fully?”

“I attract success by being my authentic self” changes to “What if I attract success by being my authentic self?”

“I am beautiful” changes to “What if I am beautiful?”

“Money flows to me in abundance” changes to “What if money flows to me in abundance?”

“I am allowed to make mistakes” changes to “What if I am allowed to make mistakes?”

“I am creating the life of my dreams” changes to “What if I’m creating the life of my dreams?”

“I am strong” changes to “What if I am strong?”

Feel free to use these whenever you need we all need a day, week, month, or year, don’t feel bad for taking one. Always be your biggest cheerleader.

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