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Continuing the journey through the chakras we are at the sacral chakra. Let’s learn how to open up the energy cycle and let the good vibes flow.

What Is The Sacral Chakra?

The second chakra, the sacral also called the svadhisthana is associated with the color orange and is located at the lower belly and inner pelvis. This chakra is associated with sensuality and creativity. The primary function of the sacral chakra is pleasure and overall enjoyment of life. The sacral chakra is associated with water. The water element is all about flow, flexibility, and freedom of expression when it comes to emotions and sensuality. When this is balanced it offers direct flow, flexibility, and fun. 1

Signs Of A Blockage

When your sacral is blocked you might lack control ranging from uncertainty to an inability to cope with life-changing. You might not be able to freely express desires which also hinders artistic abilities also being dependent, or co-dependent on other people. This creates a psychological imbalance and detachment from the self. 2

These symptoms include:

  • Fear of pleasure
  • Lack creativity
  • Fatigue
  • Low libido
  • Lack desire
  • Insecurity
  • Detachment
  • Lower back pain

How To Unblock Sacral Chakra

Unblocking your sacral chakra invoices getting your creative, sexual, and emotional self energies flowing. It involves feeling at home in home in your body. 3


Practicing meditation involves the water element. The best meditation practice is visualization. 4

  • Sit comfortably and begin to slow your breathing. Once you get a steady rhythm and establish focus begin visualization of the color orange. You can also visualize yourself near or in water. I like to visualize myself floating down a lake looking at the sky.


  • You can sit down a follow the same steps to calm your mind as we did in the visualization practice, Began repeating “vwam” and continue for 1 to 20 minutes.

Essential Oils

Certain oils can help heal an imbalanced sacral chakra. If you dilute the oil you can apply them directly to the skin. You can also add it to the bath and feel your bath with that positive energy. The best essential oils to use are:


Using affirmations can help you shift the energy in your body and mindset. They can help you heal through negative energy and program and open up your chakra. Here are some amazing affirmations you can use to help open your chakra.

  • I deserve pleasure in my life.
  • I absorb information from my feelings.
  • I embrace and celebrate my sexuality.
  • My sexuality is sacred.
  • I move easily and effortlessly.
  • Life is pleasurable.


Carnelian – This kickstarts your creative heart and turns up the heat in the bedroom while improving your confidence.

Snowflake Obsidian – Great for grounding and can help bring your true emotions to the surface while keeping you grounded in your power.

Citrine – This gives you optimism and encourages self-expression. It helps you raise your vibrations and shakes out any blockages in your chakra. It puts you in a spiritual place where you are open to receiving all the universe has to offer.

Tumbled Carnelian Crystal Pendant Necklace 
Handmade Weave Rope Holder W/Healing Stones  

The best way to use these crystals is by wearing them in jewelry as close to your naval as possible so it gets the energy. If you don’t have access to these crystals in particular you can wear orange, yellow, or amber-colored jewelry to help empower your chakra.

You can also use them in meditation by placing them near you while meditating. The way I found the most beneficial is by holding the crystal of your choice while meditating and visualizing the color of the crystal washing through your sacral and making it glow and it flowing through your body.

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