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How To Open & Heal The Heart Chakra

heart chakra

Let’s continue our journey through the charkas by opening up our heart chakras. The heart carries and gives all things love, compassion, and energy. When your heart chakra is working properly you feel love for everyone and everything and are more empathetic toward people, animals, and nature. Let us dive in and feel the love while we spread a little bit more love everywhere!

What is the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra also known as the Anahata in Sanskrit means unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten. The heart chakra is the fourth and it serves as our source of self-love and love of others. It’s what makes us empathetic, compassionate, and forgive others. This is the source of profound truths that can’t be expressed with words.

This chakra is what connects you to your lower and upper chakras integrating the manifest and the spiritual. The heart chakras are associated with air. Air spreads and flows through all beings it connects us all much like love, it surrounds us. You can embody this chakra by spreading love and being surrounded by love. 1

Signs Of Blockage

  • You Isolate Yourself
  • Feeling Lonely
  • Hold grudges against people
  • Feel jealous
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Always play the victim or hero
  • Can’t trust others

How To Open The Heart Chakra

Feel and practice gratitude – Create a gratitude jar or journal to celebrate the little things in life and always be appreciative of what you have.

Straighten your spine – Walking around with our hunched over closes you off to love and giving love. Straighten your back up, engage your core, stand proud, show your heart off, and give yourself and others love freely.

Use Affirmations – Words are powerful tools, use them to strengthen your heart.

  • ‘I feel safe’
  • ‘I am healthy’
  • ‘I am loved’
  • ‘I am joyful’

You can replace the ‘I’ to he/she/they to wish others the same love and kindness as well!

heart chakra

Wear the color green – The color green represents transformations and love energy. Meditate while placing your hands over your heart chakra and visualize a green light radiating through your body.

Spread Love! – Perform acts of kindness for yourself and others. Tell someone you love them, buy yourself flowers, Compliment someone, and show support for your friend’s start-up! Any little thing.

Signs Of Balanced Heart Chakra

  • You feel love
  • You’re open to receiving love
  • You radiate self-love
  • You have a love for people and everything around you
  • You have strong relationships
  • You feel aligned with yourself
  • You manifest compassion, forgiveness, and empathy

Crystals To Enhance Your Heart Chakra

Using crystals can help re-energize your chakras and your overall being. Whether you wear, carry, or meditate they will give your chakra power and energy.

Rose Quartz – comes with compassionate energy nourishment, and brings you peace and unconditional love. Wearing this crystal near your heart with a necklace can help you or carrying it with you when you feel unsafe.

Aventurine – Brings protective energy that encourages you to grow and blossom. It also helps you let go of an unhealthy relationship.

Jade – Attracts more love energy into your life and helps heals manners of the heart. This is the ultimate lucky gemstone. So if you’re going on your first few dates this is the stone to wear or have in your bag.

Amazonite – Brings harmony and peace to your relationship and it connects the heart to the throat chakra to give us courage. So if you’re feeling a little less confident or need to have a hard conversation this is the stone to bring. 2

Malachite – relieves any stress from your heart to heal yourself through acceptance and forgiveness. This attracts love and loving relationships.

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