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Open and Activate Your Crown Chakra

crown chakra

It’s the time! We have reached the end of our charka opening journey! We. have reached the crown chakra. It’s located on top of your head and is the main energy source between you and the great divine. Today I will explore ways to open and activate your crown chakra, allowing you to connect to your higher self and receive divine guidance.

What is The Crown Chakra

The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Sahasrara means thousand and infinite. It’s located at the top of the head. This is the final chakra, it creates a strong connection with your supreme self. The awakening of the crown chakra means a universal flow of energy and spiritual enlightenment. A pure white or the color violet represents it. The seed mantra is Aum, it. influences brain functions such as memory, intelligence, and sharp focus.1

Signs Of A Blocked Chakra

You might have a blocked crown chakra if you feel like your life is imbalanced. If there is a lot of confusion and you feel like there is no guidance in your life and you do not know what’s going on. 3

Hyper spiritualization coincides with the imbalance. If you’re meditating constantly, you’re not living a balanced life. While having a spiritual practice is important it should not consume your entire life. Allow yourself to be a whole person outside of your spirituality, and create a sustainable practice that allows you to be free.

Lacking focus or having poor mental functioning. When you can not focus on anything and have a hard time thinking in general it’s a sign of you not being connecting with your environment or communicating with the universe probably. Opening your crown chakra creates that wave of communication.

Opening The Crown Chakra

To open the gateway to super consciousness, a state of well-being where it’s no longer possible to experience yourself as separate from anything or anyone. When you’re ready to let go of misunderstanding about who you are and why you’re here.

When your crown chakra is balanced you feel more at ease, clear-headed, and with increased energy and more connected with the spiritual realm. 4

Using Affirmations

As we learned in our previous posts words are powerful. They mold your mind, and body, and tell the universe what energy to send your way. Here are some affirmations to open your chakra.2

  • “I can connect easily with the spirit.”
  • “I am in clarity of my inner knowledge.”
  • “I am pure light and love.”

Use Yoga

Yoga is a great way to connect the mind to the body and thus to the universe. Some of the best poses to open this chakra are in the Lotus pose or a supported shoulder stand.

Use Essential Oils

Smell has a direct connection with your limbic system, This part of the brain controls emotions and memory. When you use essential oils they come in direct contact with the brain thus altering how you feel about something/someone and can give you a negative or positive mindset around an event. Since your mind is a gateway to the universe if you surround yourself with scents, that invoke emotions they can reset your chakras and alter your energy. Here are my favorite essential oils for your crown chakra.

  • Chinese Rice Flower – contributes to Spiritual Growth and Wisdom.
  • White Lotus Flower – Reinforces lessons from the other six chakras supporting completing consciousness.

Crystals For Your Crown Chakra

We are all very familiar with what crystals can do for us. They help shape our minds and energy fields for better or for worst depending on your practice. But let’s remember we’re focusing on the crown chakra so let’s get into that.

  • Clear Quartz– Clears negative energy and balance.
  • Lepidolite – Bridges your higher consciousness while supporting inner wisdom, and spirituality.
  • Labradorite – This works across all the higher chakras and connects with your higher self.

I hope this helps you on your journey and thank you so much for reading.

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