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How To Protect Your Energy

protect energy

We should all know by now how important it is to protect your energy. We work so hard on clearing and curating our energy field we don’t want it to be damaged. It’s something that is just as important as creating a healthy lifestyle and making sure your eating enough food, and your body, you want to protect your energy the same way.

How To Protect Your Energy

  1. Check-in with yourself – Know how you react in certain situations. If you’re feeling stressed, irritable, or just not yourself are all signs of negative emotions. If you feel happy, welcoming, and able to relax and be yourself those are signs of positive emotions. Take note of how you feel and when you feel it and address it accordingly.
  2. Set Boundaries – Learn to say no, set boundaries, and draw a line. Don’t drain yourself to please others, you matter and are important. Don’t feel bad for setting your boundaries with your time, energy, and comfort manners.
  3. Practice positive Mindfulness & Limit your exposure to negativity – Just like violence brings more violence, negativity brings more negativity. It’s fine to indulge in a little true crime but making it a regular occurrence can bring problems just read my posts about how True Crime can affect your mind here. Keep it light and positive.
  4. Find Your Safe Place – A personal safe place where you feel comfortable being yourself and can go back there when you’re in a negative feeling.
  5. Create Your Sanctuary – Create a place of peace and solitude full of the things you love and bring you joy. This can be the place you do all the things you love and enjoy and all your favorite scents and pieces.
  6. Support System – Build a trusted and loved group of people you can be open with. This group fills you up with positivity and makes you feel good and welcomed spending time with them should recharge you.
  7. Trust yourself and your gut – Become your own best friend and top advocate, listen to what your mind and body say, and most importantly love yourself unconditionally as you work towards being the best version of yourself.

Hope this helps!

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