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A Quick Guide To Your Aura


When people say “You have an inviting aura ” what does that mean? How do we know what auras are and how we are represented to others? As I dive deeper into spirituality Auras are consistently brought up and patently tell you a lot about someone. Today I want to explain to you what an Aura is, and how you can alter yours.

What Is An Aura?

An aura is your electromagnetic field. it’s a very low-level electric field we all radiate. Your aura is thought to be a luminous body that surrounds your physical body. It’s believed that this energy is expressed in seven layers. Each layer correlates to a different element of your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.1

Your Aura’s spiritual color can change and vary based on your aura’s state. They can show your physical health or balance, it reveals your true present mental physical and spiritual state.2

Difference Between Chakra & Aura

While both can be seen by some gifted people they are two different things that can show you what is going on internally with yourself or others. The size, thickness, and shape of the Aura and chakra can tell you a lot about a person. The stronger the aura the more alluring or fascinating the individual is. But the major difference between the two is aura colors change with one’s mood or intent, but the colors of the chakras remain consistent and don’t usually change unless a major life event happens. Aura’s are on the outside, chakras are internal. 3

Spiritual Colors For Your Aura

Let’s get into the colors, this will, of course, vary from person to person but overall are cohesive with what the party wants to tell you. 4

  • Deep Red – Hard working, vitality, energy.
  • Red – Sexuality, Competitive spirit, winner.
  • Orange Yellow – Academic, logical, scientific.
  • Orange – Adventure and business.
  • Yellow – Sunny, energetic, creative.
  • Green – Social, Harmonious, Teacher.
  • Deep Green – Goal-oriented, good organizational skills.
  • Blue – Caring, loyal, sensitive.
  • Indigo – Calm, Clear, artistic, introverted.
  • Violet – Sensual, and Charismatic.
  • Lavender – Fragile, imaginative, sensitive.
  • White – Transcendent, spiritual, quiet.

How To See Your Aura?

You can take a photo for a generated reading, I used Aurla and Aura and energy. Those will give a generalized reading. If you want to get an accurate reading. If you want to get an accurate reading I would suggest going to an aura reader or trying an aura photography studio near you.

Read On Your Own

You can see your aura in a mirror by focusing on your hands in meditation or visualizations. You can try rubbing your hands together to create friction and slowly and intentionally moving them apart and seeing if any colors appear ad your go. 5

How To Cleanse Your Aura

Say, you don’t like what you see when you do your reading. You can do a quick sunbath or do a cleanse in the shower to rinse off any bad vibes. You can also smudge yourself or meditate to balance your chakra with frequency healing or go to an energy healer. 6

Aura’s are an energy field that surrounds every living thing. For you and me to the birds and the bees. It gives you and others a sense of who you are and how you’re feeling internally. They change based on your mood and the things that are happening around you. If you don’t vibe with it, you can cleanse your aura and change it with meditation, sound therapy, and chakra work. It’s not instant everything is a process even your chakra.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this helps you on your journey.

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