clear quartz

Looks can be deceiving could be the slogan for the unassuming clear quartz. When you first get into crystals, besides Rose quartz it’s the other crystal that everyone knows and has multiples of. It’s no coincidence that they’re both quartz it’s a very large family and full of mystical and energy clearing goodness. Today though we are all about the mother of them all, Clear Quartz, and how its power and beauty are something that is useful in our daily practices and uses.

What is clear quartz?

Clear quartz is a transparent and colorless mineral made of silicon and oxygen. It’s great for strengthening the effect of other crystals as well as purifying energy and aiding in manifesting.

This crystal works also works well for all the chakras too. It clears and activates them and can purify physical and energetic bodies. It’s very popular in meditation and restorative work and can give you more focus and clarity around a desire. Since clear quartz is also a protective stone and can be used to amplify psychic abilities. If you’re looking to manifest this crystal will supercharge your intentions because it will give you the needed clarity to evaluate the choices and behaviors needed for your dreams to become reality! 1

Types of Quartz

As previously stated there are many, MANY crystals in the quartz family and I want to share a few with you. Now these all hold different energies and many uses, we will go into them later but this is just an overview.

Rose Quartz – is known for its soothing properties and dispels mood swings and anger.

Tiger’s eye – keeps you grounded by promoting a feeling of safety. Keep negative energy at bay.

Citrine – encompasses joy and reawakens dormant dreams and brings success and confidence.

Snow Quartz – Awakens your inner child. It also has powerful cleansing energy so it would be a perfect addition to any cleansing rituals.

Ametrine – This bends the power of citrine and amethyst this stone is perfect for soul-soothing.

Smokey Quartz – This crystal radiates warm energy and is known as the stone of power so you carry this with you when you need an extra boost. 2

What Does Clear Quartz Do?

Clear quartz is a crystal that everyone is pretty much a fan of and is a must-have in the crystal world. Very few people speak about what it does. Well, it balances your energy or the energy in the room. It works best with your 3rd eye and your crown chakra by clearing out all the negative energy and balancing and harmonizing your chakra and energies.

How To Use Clear Quartz

Much like the other crystals you can wear the crystals can have the most powerful effect on your own energy. Wearing clear quartz as a necklace, close to the head and heart chakra for clarity.

Placing it in your home like your office or where ever you do any deep thinking can help clarify your thinking.

How To Cleanse Clear Quartz

Bathing your Quartz in the moonlight and aligning them with the lunar cycles can help charge the crystal with whatever energy the moon is holding that night.

Quartz is also water safe so you can run it through a river to cleanse or under lukewarm water from your faucet. Remember you don’t have to be fancy just pure of heart and keep your intent clear.

Cool Tip – if you’re ever curious if your quartz is real or not if it’s a real quartz it will magnify or distort writing depending on the shape. Try reading through the crystal and if it’s distorted it will be real. You can also try to scratch glass with the crystal and it’s properly real.

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