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When it comes to the moon one of the things that I was always curious about was the phases of the lunar cycle. What exactly are the waning moon and waxing moon and what kind of energy does each phase bring?

What is the Waning moon?

The waning moon is part of the lunar cycle when the moon begins to grow slimmer in appearance until it’s no longer visible. As the moon recedes it approaches the new cycle again. The waning moon encourages you to downsize. It’s time to re-evaluate old habits and relationships and prepare and recharge yourself for the new things in your life. Reflect on how far you’ve come and where you want to go and embrace all the newness that comes with it! 1

What is the Waxing Moon?

The waxing moon is part of the lunar cycle when the moon grows to its fullness. This is the time for the seeds you’ve planted during the new moon to start to grow and foster! Begin implementing your plans and moving towards your intentions. Beginning to connect deeply to your goals and dreams and repeat your affirmations. As the moon grows so should your convictions! Allow and anticipate everything you have coming your way and allow the moon to guide your way! 2

What should you do during the waning moon and waxing moon cycles?

During the waning moon, it’s a great time to look over your life and reflect on how far you’ve come. This is the time you want to meditate and focus on grounding yourself and nurturing yourself on this journey. Honor your transition and do a self-inventory.

Connect with your future self and the universe and see what they are telling you to leave behind to complete your journey through this phase. This is all about reflection and honoring your emotions be careful with yourself and make sure you’re staying grounded.

As far as the waxing mood this is the time to go balls to the walls with your goals. As the moon begins to illuminate so do you! This is the time for you to identify what physical, mental, and spiritual obstacles you might be facing. This would be the perfect time to come up with creative ways to overcome them.

This is when you want to again focus on yourself and what your goals are and how you want to reach them. Take some time to plan out your big goals and see what steps you need to take them. Once you have that it’s time to act on it! You got this and the energy of the moon is on your side. 3

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