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It’s time for the new moon and you feel the energy in the room change and everything is possible. Is it the new moon what exactly is the big deal with this phase of the moon and why is it so important?

What Is A New Moon

A new moon happens every month when the moon and sun conjoin in the sky. Setting off a new cycle of a new light. This makes the moon invisible to use on the earth. Slowly it appears as a very thin crescent of light. 1

Meaning Of The New Moon

It’s the beginning of a new energy cycle! When everything resets and you can set new intentions and goals that you’ll develop through the phases. Over the next 3 days take time to reflect on how you’ve grown over the past cycle and how you want to move forward. Meditate on your future and be open to where the universe wanted to take you.

How The New Moon Effects You

The new moon makes us feel everything on a deeper level. The darkness and the emptiness of the sky give us the impression of a blank slate. We reprocess the past, visualize the future and feel our souls. You might get more introverted during this time or feel more tired.2

Crystals For The New Moon

Black Tourmaline – To protect you and root you in safety. Working with this crystal can make you feel more confident and secure.

Labradorite – The stone of transformation and works on the third eye and crown chakra to help us open up to guidance from our higher self.

Black Obsidian – Another protective stone and is a very good stone to have when dealing with difficult emotions. If you’re going into a tense situation or about to face a difficult task during this phase of the moon this is one crystal you want to have with you.

Smokey Quartz – If negative energy does come to you this stone can absorb negative energy and transforms it into something positive and clear your aura and act as a protective shield. 3

Rituals For A New Moon

Think about what you want to bring into your life. Take time and think about your future goals. What do you want to tackle during this time and how do you want to move forward with this new intention? 4

Create your affirmation – Turn your ‘want’ into an affirmation that you believe in 100%. If you want a better job to tell yourself “I have my job and I love it” If you want more money say “money flows to me in abundance” and believe it with all your heart. The key is truly believing that you can do it and that the words you speak are facts.

Visualize what you want – See yourself as you want and show up as them. Create a vision board of how your life will be in the future, and remind yourself regularly of what you are capable of and what you want. Show yourself what you can do.

Write Your Goal And Plan It Out – Write down what you want in plain English(or your preferred language) and tell yourself how you’re going to get there, down to the letter. Write it down in a journal and keep track of your progress so you know how you’re progressing.

Plant Your Seeds – Plant seeds for your goals to blossom as well as actual seeds. This will be a reminder that you can grow into something amazing as long as you keep pushing through the dark.

Connect With Your Support System – Talk out your plans with your best support group, the people who are excited with you when you share good news and lift you up when you’re down.

During this time in the lunar cycle, this is the time to manifest the life that you want to create or even just a goal that you have been wanting to accomplish. This is your time to shine and grow along with the moon. I hope you reach your goals and no matter what you do, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, you have my support.

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