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All You Need To Know About Drinking Chlorophyll Water

chlorophyll water

I might be late on this but have you guys been hearing about the amazing benefits of drinking chlorophyll water? I’m just now hearing about this and my curious mind has to look into it, here’s what I learned about it.

What is Chlorophyll water?

Chlorophyll water is typically made by drinking a chlorophyll supplement with water. Chlorophyll is a component in plants that gives them a green color. There are two types of natural chlorophyll both help the plant convert water and sunlight to energy. Although there’s not a lot of research it is beneficial to humans.

Since all green plants contain chlorophyll such as broccoli, spinach, kale, etc. so when you eat those plants you’re eating some of their chlorophyll.

The other kind of chlorophyll that you see in the videos is sodium copper chlorophyll this is a mixture of sodium copper salts that are derived from chlorophyll. Most forms of the supplement chlorophyll are taken by mouth.

What Does Chlorophyll Do?

There are many claims about what chlorophyll will do but here are some facts.1

  • One study found that when a powdered form of chlorophyll was mixed into meals it curbed hunger in women.
  • Another study found that it might trap cancer-causing particles in the gut.
  • Please note that the study that showed chlorophyll in the form of thylakoids -in their studies- not the studies.

The other study about cancer helps was done in rodents and had mixed results. On top of that like most supplements are regulated by the FDA, so you’re not sure how much chlorophyll you’re getting in beverages, powders, or capsules, or even if they’re safe. Potentially though you might see a minor improvement in your acne, bad breath, gut health, lung cancer, pancreatitis, constipation, detoxification, and wound care. But there isn’t enough information available to know how chlorophyll would work in the body.

Risk Of Chlorophyll Water

There’s no evidence to show that it’s toxic. Mild side effects might occur if you go over the recommended intake of 100mg to 200mg a day.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, discolored stool, and skin irritation if you use it topically. 2

Should You Use It?

As if right now there’s not enough evidence to say yay or nay to using chlorophyll. As with all things, be careful and do your own research. If it makes you feel good and drink more water then go for it! Always consult a healthcare professional before adding or changing your diet. I use it occasionally with a little bit of lemon or ginger to help with digestion and it makes me feel amazing, I also like the way it looks so I will still be using it even though there’s no evidence that it works, if it makes me happy and doesn’t hurt anyone it helps boost my mood and that counts for something.

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