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When it comes to the practice of self love it’s one of the hardest things to do! We are our own worst critics and can always find a flaw in ourselves but we never talk to others like that. So why would we talk like that to ourselves? Here’s your reminder to love yourself just a little bit more and appreciate the beauty that is you because you are amazing! If you need help celebrating yourself here are some of my favorite ways to practice self love.

How I Practice Self Love

Smile at yourself often

I know this sounds odd but it works. When you’re going about your daily life and self-grooming in the mirror. Smile at yourself. It boosts your mood and makes your brain releases those positive vibes. After a while, you’ll associate those positive vibes with yourself.

Do that ‘cringe’ thing you like

Growing up I used to hear everyone say “we don’t do that” whenever I wanted to do something unusual. It was such a stifling saying because why don’t we? There’s never a good reason and it stopped me from trying a lot of different things. So do what you want so long as you’re safe and not hurting anyone. They might not do it but you do so be as weird, crazy, sexy, or as cool as you like.

Dress how you want

This one might be a little harder but can be done. Even if it’s just once a week dress as weird or as “normal” as you like. Doesn’t matter if you go anywhere or not, just dress up or dress down as much as you like. You’d be surprised at how much your confidence will change.

Spend sometime alone

We talked about this in a previous post about how spending time alone can positively affect your well-being (read it here). Spending time alone will help you become a more independent thinker and person overall.

Eat Well

Take note of how your body feels after a meal. Does it feel great? Are you full of energy and ready to tackle the day or does it make you feel lazy and sleepy? Does it make you feel bloated and gross? If yes then you should not eat it. Eat well, and eat foods and meals that give you energy and excite you.

Get Active

You won’t feel true self-love until you understand what you’re capable of. You have to get up and out of the house and explore. Go see friends, go to new places around town or overseas, and go do the things you never thought you’d be able to do no matter how big or how small.

Tell Yourself you’re great

Watch your mouth when you speak to yourself. Don’t allow yourself to put yourself down. Tell yourself you’re great, tell yourself you’re amazing, that you can do anything and everything. I have a quote written at the foot of my bed that tells me I’m great. And even though I don’t read it every day it fills me up and my space with positive energy. Just knowing that it’s there and it enforces the fact that I can do anything I want to.

You are the only you that you have. Your body and mind are powerful and it deserves to be loved no matter what. Self-love doesn’t mean you can’t change if you want to, it means that you love yourself enough to change or enough to stay the same. Whichever you prefer because you’re great either way. As I always say it’s a practice, so do these silly little things enough times and it just might work, I know they did for me.

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