root chakra

Today we start our journey of the chakras starting at the base, your root chakra. This is located at the base of the spine right between the anus and the genitals. Right, where you feel any of your insecurity and stress build up and spread throughout the body. I want to get to the root of the chakra so we can keep that energy and strength flowing.

What Is The Root Chakra

Also known as the Muladhara from the Sanskrit words Mula meaning root and adhara meaning support and base. This is the root of all your chakras the root of your body. Which all of your energy flows.

The element that your root chakra is connected to is the earth, it’s linked to your ability to dig in and feel firmly rooted in your life, it’s also associated with the color red and its link to the earth. This energy is associated with your sense of security in relationships and your feeling of home, it makes you feel grounded in yourself and the world around you. 1

Why Does Your Root Chakra Get Blocked?

It’s natural for your chakras to get blocked. Signs of your root chakra is blocked can happen when you feel uneasy and unsafe. It’s often associated with our basic needs as people such as food, shelter, and water as well as our emotional needs.

Symptoms Of Blocked Root Chakra

  • Pain and Stiffness in feet and legs
  • Low sense of physical stability
  • Feeling unsafe and insecure
  • Life feels chaotic and unsettled
  • Feeling stuck in life and having a low sense of flexibility
root chakra

Crystals For Root Chakra

Adding a crystal to your opening practice can help open and strengthen the power of your chakras.3

Garnet – this crystal is all about regenerative energy. It raises low energy and supports you across the s[ectrum of emotional and physical health.

Hematite – neutralizing the negative energy, this crystal will borrow energy from your aura and filter it through that base chakra until it’s balanced again. It is great to keep you grounded, centered, and live in the moment.

Red Jasper – Earthy and vibrant hue this is a very nurturing stone. This will clear your root chakra and your sacral chakra right out. Rich in chi-rousing stone is all warm fine and fierce energy. It’s also known for raising motivation levels and helping you overcome challenges by giving you strength and confidence.

Bloodstone – The samurai favored this stone, this dark silvery green and red-flecked gemstone is known as the warrior stone. It’s the emotional balancer clearing out your root and sacral chakra, solar, and heart chakra. It steadies the mind, eases anxiety, and protects against evil.

You can use these stones in various ways such as wearing them, holding them while you’re meditating, or carrying them with you on your journey.

How To Open and Bring Balance To Your Root Chakra

Now that we have an idea of what the root chakra is and how to empower it. We’re going to dive in on how we can open it up and feel more secure on our path. 3

Connect to the Earth – Go for a walk or hike in nature, and touch the trees and the earth. Be one with the earth and embrace her in all her beauty.

Eat Veggies and Fruit – Eating natural and organic foods not only helps you with your general health but eating from the earth helps connect with her better and makes you feel secure.

Practice Grounding – Take some slow breaths, touch some dirt and remind yourself who you are. Say your name loud and proud.

Wear Red – Wear the color of the Muladhara. Vibrant red is the color of passion and fire, wearing it when you go into a stressful situation makes you feel strong, confident, and secure.

Stretch And Strength Legs – Strengthen your roots! Do some leg workouts and work on your balance to feel more balanced.

I hope this helps you along your path and I will see you in the near future.

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