Over half of the population considers themselves introverted. This means most of the time you prefer to be alone. To an extrovert that can sound maddening! It can be hard being alone especially when you don’t know what to do with yourself. Take it from an introvert herself, being alone can be a very rewarding experience. I’m here to show you the ways of an introvert and how to truly enjoy your solitude.

Why you should spend more time alone

According to Forbes, there’s a real benefit to spending time alone. Here are a few

1. Increase productivity – having time alone helps you focus better on the task at hand instead of the who, what, and where, of the people around you, and you’re free of any distractions.

2. Increases your empathy – you have less of me vs them mentality. Spending time alone helps you have more compassion for people who don’t fit into your inner circle.

3. Sparks Creativity – when you’re alone you can let your mind wander and let it go as deep into itself as it wants and really let your ideas soar.

4. Helps you know yourself – this one I can attest to. As the youngest in a family of highly opinionated people, I was constantly told what to do and how to do it and self-discovery is hard when you have so many opinions factoring in. When I got out on my own, I was able to discover my interest and opinions. It was a truly liberating experience.

5. It gives you a chance to plan out your life – solitude gives you time to reflect on your life and a chance to plan out why you’re hustling so hard and work on your goals.

How to spend time alone

Now that we have an idea of why we should make time for ourselves, let’s work out some things we should do in our free time.

1. Daydream

Sounds a bit silly I know but when was the last time you just looked out the window and allowed your mind to just relax and wander off into its own journey? Just let your mind go while you take a shower or take a scenic walk and just think about whatever comes to mind. It’s incredibly refreshing.

2. Find A Hobby

We hustle too much we live in a culture where if it doesn’t make us money people wonder why we do it. Well, the answer is it makes us happy! We enjoy doing something in our spare time makes our time on this earth a little brighter and that’s ok.

3. Look into your five-year plan

Many times we just try to make it day-to-day. But is your day-to-day leading you to the future you want? What kind of future do you want? This shouldn’t be a daunting task. Think about how you want your day to day to look. Do you want to have your current job or live in your current city? Where do you see yourself or want to see yourself? Maybe you finally get that tattoo or you traveled to 3 places off your bucket list. Plan it out on how you’ll get there!

4. Refresh your look

Now is a great time to refresh your look if you’ve been feeling bored with it or uninspired. Maybe it’s time to clean out the wardrobe, or dye your hair that you’ve been seeing all over your Instagram feed. Even if you just switch from black to navy eyeliner just try it and see, you never know.

5. Relax

Yes, last on the list is just to relax. Enjoy the day doing whatever you like and watching that weird show no one ever wants to watch with you. Sing that Cher song, eat snacks in your underwear and share it with your dog. You don’t always need a to-do list, you can just vibe.

I hope this helps you on your journey. Follow me on the socials below for more and I will see you later.

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