Do you ever wonder how some people always look on the bright side of things? They always have a pleasant look on their fave and never seem bothered by anything. It’s a learned habit to keep your mind in a good and positive state. Most people aren’t born that way, negative thoughts can and do happen to everyone. Optimists have a way of seeing the positive in every situation. Since we’re all about positivity here let’s look into how to become more of an optimist.

What Is An Optimist?

Let’s jump into it, does it mean to be an optimist? According to Merriam-webster, an optimist is a person who is inclined to be hopeful and expect good outcomes.

These are the people who have hope for a better outcome than most and are hopeful for a better tomorrow. They believe in happy endings no matter how dark times seem right now.

Difference Between Optimism and Realism

When people say that they’re a realist. They mean they accept the situation as is and prepared to deal with it accordingly. Not saying that optimistic people can’t be realistic they just have a more positive outlook even when things look dark. To put it simply, a realist just sees water in a cup, an optimist sees a cup half full of water.

Benefits Of Optimism

  • More committed to their goals
  • More successful in achieving their goals
  • More satisfied with their lives
  • Have a better mental and physical health

How To Be an Optimist

Practice Gratitude

Acknowledge good things that happen in life. No matter how big or small it may be focus on the good things in life. Consider making a gratitude jar and adding to the jar every time something good happens and when you’re feeling low you can pull out one of the notes to read and remind yourself why you’re thankful. Click here to read how to create your own jar.

Believe That You Can Make Good Things Happen

It’s the old saying” If you believe in yourself, anything can happen” It sounds old and cliche but it’s true. When you think you can do something like working out every day if you think you can’t like a pessimist or can see why you can’t or why it would be difficult because you look at things like a realist. Then you probably will not do it. But! if you think of things like an optimist and believe that you can you’ll start creating a lifestyle or a routine that can make it possible. So believe you can and set an intention and you’ll be surprised at what can happen.

Talk Kindly To Yourself

Words matter. They are little spells that you tell yourself every day and if you say kind words enough then you will start to believe them. That’s why we do affirmations when we keep telling ourselves them so we believe them. Start telling yourself you’re beautiful, you matter, you’re amazing, and you’re worthy. Watch how your life begins to change.

When Something Good Happens Give Yourself Credit

We tend to think that boosting ourselves up is seen as prideful. There’s nothing wrong with accepting a compliment or thanking yourself because your hard work paid off. You worked hard to make this come true and you deserve praise even if it’s just from you. I always say, ” If I don’t hype myself up, no one else will” Always be your biggest cheerleader.

Remind Yourself Setback Happen

Another motto that I live by is “Life is like the ocean, the waves can hit hard but it always calms down.” Bad things happen, and bad days happen, but they will soon pass. Understand and adapt, remember you can make good things happen in your life. So let’s identify the problem and find a solution then find a way to get there. You got this!

Surround Yourself With People Who Talk Kindly About Themselves And Others

I know gossip is fun but it’s not good for morale and it’s not good for mental health. Don’t put yourself in that negative headspace or in the kind of circle that talks negatively about themselves or others. It’s far easier to keep the good times rolling when you’re around good people.

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