Energy clearing crystals

How do you know when you need your energy refreshed and cleared? You usually can feel when the energy is off in your home or the vibes are off when you walk into a place or meet a new person. You will get a sinking feeling, become paranoid and hyper-aware, feel irritable, or in really bad cases you’ll get physically sick. It can happen when you’re around the wrong kind of energy or being attacked.

Even if you’re not around negative energy you could just be in a low vibrational field. Signs of this are no motivation, irritability, laziness, indecisiveness, and low self-esteem. Do any of these sound like you? It might be time to practice some cleansing rituals and do a quick refresher to feel more like you and get your energy back! Today I will be showing you some energy clearing crystals that you can use to not only clear and protect your energy and heal it to get you feeling amazing again.

Types Of Energy Clearing Crystals

Quartz – it’s no secret that quartz in general is a powerful crystal for maintaining and clearing any and all unwanted energy. This crystal also attracts positive energy just make sure that you set a clear intention with the stone. Tell the universe what you’re asking for and if it’s in the stars for you this crystal will bring it to you. 1

Black Tourmaline – This powerful crystal is perfect for travel because it’s so powerful that it will create a positive space no matter if it’s in your pocket or your purse it also blocks any psychic attacks which is also a big plus.

Amethyst – We just covered all the amazing benefits of Amethyst crystal and I encourage you to read more about it here. For a short overview though it relieves any stress and anxiety, can help with body aches, and promotes a calm and serene atmosphere inside and out. Keep this crystal in the bedroom under your pillow or near the bedside to aid in sleep and keep the mind still in the late hours.

Obsidian – Not only do I love the name I love what it can do for you! This powerful little stone absorbs any bad energy that comes across your path and dispels it. That’s why a lot of practitioners have placed it in their entryway because it will take any negative energy and send it back out the door! This works really well when paired with Quartz because Obsidian will absorb the bad while Quartz will fill it in with positive energy.

Pyrite – Also known as fool’s gold this golden stone is great for manifesting abundance and confidence no matter where you place it. It releases any negative energy in the space and lets room for positive energy and vibes flourish in the most stunning of ways. Often a forgotten-about stone, it’s a must-have.

3 Best Way To Cleanse The Energy

Use It Around The Home

While we have mentioned some key places to put these amazing energy clearing crystals around your home, in the previous section you can place them anywhere you need them. If you want to manifest in your bedroom you can place Pyrite in there to help manifest your dreams, and want obsidian in your kitchen to absorb bad energy because that’s the heart of the home, so be it. You control your energy.

Wear Your Crystals

Where the crystals in jewelry, in a satchel, on your hair, or carry them in your bra. Hold them close to you so the energy and power flow through you and you can fully harness its power.


This is my favorite way to utilize the crystals besides having them in the room. I hold the crystal of my choice in my hand and visualize the energy flowing through me and removing any blockages that I might have. After the energy has been removed from me I then replace it with the energy I want. Usually, this meditation lasts anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, or until I feel as if I am cleansed.

Incorporating energy clearing crystals can help ease a lot of discomfort and can clear your mind of toxic and low energy making you an overall positive and promoting cognitive thinking. Consider adding crystals to your meditative practice or even just to your house, they’re good for your energy and aesthetics! I hope you found this helpful and I’ll see you at the next one.

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