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I Added This Step To My Skincare Routine & My Skin Loves Me For It

When I used to wake up in the morning I would get up and go, trying to rush out the door and keep going. By noon my skin would be greasy and look like a disco ball. I don’t mind dewy skin by I much rather have a glow than a full-blown grease ball, it is time to change and take better care of my skin in the morning rather than at night. Here’s a glimpse into my usual morning routine and skincare in the morning.

7:30a: Wake up and do a big morning stretch to start my day. Then I go out and wake up my puppy and open the blinds to welcome in the positive light.


7:33a: Start my electric kettle for my morning coffee. I like to fill this up at night so in the morning I’m not disappointed with no water. While my water warms I fix my dog’s breakfast and if needed I blend up my smoothie for lunch it’s filled with raspberries blueberries and spinach with 2 scoops of soy protein.

7:45a: I’ll play my morning podcasts. Pisces Daily and The Buddist Bootcamp to start my day with a positive mindset and set clear intentions.

7:55a: Finally my skincare! I take a quick shower and splash my face gently with cool (not cold) water and rinse the sleepies out my keys and generously spray my skin with rose water toner. This rose toner by Heritage Store is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, there are no dyes or nastiness in it. It helps control my sebum production and gives me a nice glow throughout the day while keeping my skin firm and plump. It’s been amazing. I even use it when I come home and take my makeup off, or just see it in the bathroom.

8:15a: While the toner sets in I do some light stretching, not a full yoga session ( cause who has time???) but a few toe touches, downward dogs, Tree pose and cat cows do wonders.

8:30a: The toner is all set and it’s time for the rest of my skincare. First I apply a light serum and eye cream then my moisturizer and sunscreen. And yes, I let that absorb while I pick out my clothes.

8:45a Now that it’s absorbed I apply a light face. Just foundation, blush, liner mascara, and shadow.

9:05:a Get dressed and I’m all set for the day! I go out and walk my dog, and head out to whatever is to do with my day.

I have really enjoyed my new morning routine and adding that simple toner to my daily routine has really given my skin that extra pump I needed and I don’t look as tired as I usually do. What’s your typical routine, do you have a morning routine or do you just vibe? Let me know in the comments.

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