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Going Eco-friendly While Living In The City

When you think of eco-friendly city living you often think of living out in a rural area, tending to a bunch of plants, growing veggies, etc. That’s very unrealistic for many of us, most Americans live in some type of urban environment. While most cities are adding more greenery and walkways to the area, we can still do our part by being a little greener too. When I decided to become eco-friendly I was in the middle of the city, which was very car-dependent. I still managed to do a few greener things to help my planet stay a little greener and you can too!

Steps To Become EcoFriendly While Living In The City

Regulate The AC

The less power you use in your apartment the better. You can help this by keeping the temperature as close to the temperature outside. For example, if it’s 75 degrees outside then keep it around 72 degrees. If possible open windows, or use a fan. If you have to bundle up because of the AC then it might be too cold. You can use a preprogrammed thermostat to set your regulate your system in your home. Buy on here.

Take Public Transportation

This is a no-brainer. About 30 to 80 people can fit on a city bus depending on if they choose to stand or sit. That’s 30 cars at least off the road. Can you imagine what the roads would look like? How much less construction they’re would be and how much greenery we would have? If you’re able to then do it!!

Compost When You Can

Why produce more waste? Especially if you’re a plant parent the soil is so good for your plants that they’ll be growing like crazy! Read my post about composting if you’re new to it. You can also find the composting location in your city and save your scraps and take them there. Such an amazing thing to get your can here.

Shop Local

Shopping local reduces your carbon footprint, it helps stimulate the local economy less travel time and the products are locally made and produced. It helps everyone.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Remember the classic line reduce the need, reuse what you have, and if you can’t then recycle. But since we all know that most of the items we recycle get tossed out then make sure you reuse as much as you can and even better donate.

Get Political

Use your voice no matter how big or small your voice matters. Get out and meet a group of like minded individuals and get to work.

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