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Daily Habits To Awaken Zen In Your Day

When I worked in retail there was a saying my coworker taught me “your first customer sets the mood for the day.” She might have wanted an excuse to kick out the people with returns but she had a point. Often times how our morning goes sets the tone of the day. How often has your morning been rough and it disrupted your zen and peaceful mindset? It’s not the day though it’s your mindset and energy. We can fix that and shift the energy in your favor.


Stretching is a great way to open up your body and get the blood flowing. It can help improve mobility and prevent injury. I love a good stretch in the morning in the morning and I feel so refreshing. Read here about the benefits of stretching here.

Awaken Zen

Carry Scents/Herbs With You

Depending on the herb, incense and herbs can awaken the zen mindset scents like Chamomile, Hawthorne, and Basil help calm the mind and encourage you to remain peaceful. Light incense in the morning before your start your day. You can also carry a mixture of herbs or essential oils around with you to keep you at peace.

6 Incense Sets

Let the light in

Light welcomes in peaceful energy and depending and if you’re lucky enough to have a scenic view it can instantly calm you. Also having natural light come into your home can help with the feng shui and make you feel more zen.

Do something with your plants

We all know that interacting with the earth can help you feel more whole and can instantly calm you. Throughout your day surround yourself with greenery and make sure to interact with it. You can water a few plants in the morning or even just check the soil to make yourself feel more connected.

Start your day off on the right foot and remember if you want to live a more peaceful and Zen life you have to create the zen inside you. Be the peace you want to see and by following these steps you’ll get a little closer.

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