Today was a tough one. I have many frustrations come at me from all sides, and this is where my ‘lessons’ take place. I tend to go back into my vices when it gets like this. I would yell and self-destruct and eventually dwell on the issues at hand. Today I was able to express myself and keep a positive mindset calmly. Not necessarily problem solve but just focus on the task at hand and keep it light. Remembering my motto ‘ If I can’t then why should I worry? If I can fix it, why worry? ‘ Here are the ways I kept my cool today and hopefully it’ll help you on your next stressful day.

Keep Breathing

When you feel the bad news coming take a breath or two and remember no matter how angry it won’t solve anything. Visualize the frustrations leaving your body with every exhale.

Keep a clear mind.

Don’t let the anger get the best of you, It’ll cloud your mind and you won’t be able to identify the problem or articulate your thoughts properly if need be. So again keep your cool.

Stay moving.

Don’t focus on the bad keep your day moving and don’t dwell on the negative event, you’re emotions can start getting in the way. Keep your day going and finish your to-do list, walk your dog and watch your show. The moment passed and it will come back when it needs to.

Figure out a plan.

When it comes back. Come back with a plan on how to fix it, don’t stress about it though. Just come back with a detailed plan if possible of how you’re going to solve or overcome this issue if need be. And then go back to the point before, keep moving. Life is short.

I hope this helps you if you’re having an issue always remember life is the longest thing you’ll ever do and the fasting thing to go by, so make it great.

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