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Recently I’ve decided to keep a journal in my kitchen. Why? You might ask since our kitchens are usually cluttered enough. According to keeping a food journal eliminates mindless eating, you’ll notice any negative or positive eating habits, and it’ll show you how you’re eating instead of what you think you’re eating. That last reason is why I chose to document what I’m eating. I thought I was eating a lot better than I was. I believe that when I keep myself visibly accountable I can:

– Find out how often I’m eating out.

– see how much food I eat in a day and see when I overeat.

– ensure I’m eating mostly veggies and not so much of the greasy stuff.

Ruled Notebook/Journal

When I leave it up to my mind I never think I eat that much and if I’m very hungry intend to binge thinking that I didn’t eat at all but since I leave my food journal open-faced on the counter I can see what I have eaten. For example, the other day when I got home I was starving and couldn’t figure out why. Well according to my journal I only had a salad for lunch no breakfast no snacks. I had a visual of how well I had been doing I didn’t want to ruin my record by eating something bad. So I had veggies and fajitas for dinner, which satisfied my cravings and didn’t ruin my record.

I also made sure to eat breakfast the following day so I’m not so hungry later on in the day. If you’re starting your wellness journey or want to be more aware of your habits journaling can be very beneficial and can keep you on the right track. Just remember to do it every day. There are also various apps you can use for food journaling but a classic pen and paper is great as well.

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