I have been a bad plant mama. Between finding a new job, moving cities, and looking for a place. I’ve been busy, and unfortunately, my plants have taken the brunt of the neglect. Sometimes I forget who is who and what was watered last! I know I’m not alone on this maybe not to this extent but it’s bound to happen. I don’t want my plant babies to die so I downloaded one of those plant care apps, Planta from Instagram to help me nurse these babies back to life. If you’re a plant parent or looking to work on your green thumb this quick review can help you get on the right path. Let’s go!

Let’s Talk About Planta

The Planta is an app designed to help you care for your plant babies. Whether you need to nurse them back to health or, do daily care, It’s there to help you keep your plants alive! The design is minimalistic and streamlined with a lot of green and tans colors throughout. And self-explanatory. They take you through the process of the condition of your current plants, and how much time you plan on investing. They also as about your location so they know the actual conditions the plant will be.

The next section is where you enter where your plants are in your home and what they are. Now I have about 30, so this was a very tedious task but I entered a few since I’m still feeling out the application. There’s a feature that allows you to photo identify your plant, but it’s a premium feature so it’s a lot easier if you want to go that route. If you go the free route usually you just have to enter in the first few letters of the plant (even the nicknames work) and they’ll pop up. When they asked ‘when was the last time you watered your plants?’ It only gives you options like yesterday, last week, etc. It can be deceptive for example, if you watered them 3 days ago there’s not an option for that so it could lead to a false watering schedule.

Once you have all the information entered, you can see general care information on your plants under the free feature. You’ll see if you need to water the plants, when to fertilize, and how your soil should be in between waterings. That’s about it, it’s very similar to a lot of other plant apps out there.

My Thoughts

I had high hopes for this app, the minimalistic design of it is right up my alley. I loved how they asked me how much care wanted to put into my plants. There’s even a place where they will recommend your next plant, which is a premium feature. Overall, Planta is a nice app if you’re willing to pay. I’m sorry to say I will not be paying for an app. There are ways to tell where and when to water your plants without an app. The app just doesn’t offer enough to pay for me it might for some people. What about you? do you have an app to tell you all about your plants?

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