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Mediocre Happiness

Previously, I had a job I hated. Every day I would wake up dreading going to work and I couldn’t find one positive thing about working there. It had a lot of 12-hour shifts and the management would micromanage so much that you couldn’t get any actual work done. I was complaining to a friend they gave me words of advice “Be happy where you’re at. People are wishing they were in your position.” At the time it made me shut up and reflect on everything I was grateful for. But it didn’t make me any happier. Just because someone wishes they were in my shoes doesn’t mean I have to be happy I’m here. I believe you can be grateful for a situation but still not like it. Some people love their partner but realize getting married life wasn’t for them. You might take a raise and move up in your company just to realize it wasn’t the best fit for you at the time. It’s to not like something, By no means should you stay in a place you don’t like because someone would love to be in your shoes. That’s like eating steak when you’re vegan because someone else would love a steak. It makes no sense! Your life choices and emotions should not be conducive on how someone else would feel about your situation. This is your life, make your own choices based on what makes your heart smile.

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