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How To Transition To All Green Products

As soon as you start a new journey of more mindful living or green living it’s tempting to throw out all your bad products and go all green. But Stop! Please read this before you go on a cleaning and purging spree. I made this transition a year ago and let me tell you it was a lot easier and not as aggressive as tossing all my things. Let me show you.

Keep what you need.

As previously stated do not throw out all your items as a cleanse. You’re doing more harm than good plus the damage is done, remember the greenest product is the one that isn’t bought. So use what you have and when it runs out choose a greener product next time.

Find green products that align with your values.

What do you care about? Is it more the environment, animal safety, or fair trade products? ‘Green’ is a very blanket term and it’s not regulated at all, especially in the beauty world. Find a deeper passion and before you get to the store look into the company you’re supporting and make sure you put your money where your mouth is.

Buy only what you need.

It’s so tempting to buy multiple items so you have whatever you might need. The key phrase is might cause you might need it or you might not. If there’s might in your head about it then don’t get it. As I stated before the greenest product is the one not bought, we lessen the demand by telling the business the demand for this product isn’t high.


When it’s time to toss, toss responsibly

So it’s time the tube or jar is empty and you bought your greener replacement. Check the packaging to see if it’s recyclable and how to recycle it or see if it’s compostable. If it’s a jar then see if it can be reused in your home. If neither is an option then toss, it’s natural and normal to have trash we just want to try to have as little as possible.

I hope you found this helpful and insightful on your journey. I will see you soon in the next post.


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