I love being organized and having a productive day but it is something that has been a struggle for a while. Creating a schedule for things and trying to stick to it is very unrealistic for some and can cause unnecessary stress in your life if you’re not able to stick to your schedule for whatever reason. So when I decided to become a more organized person I had to accommodate it for my life. I’ve found a few things that worked well for me, I’m pretty sure they’d work for you too.

Get A Morning Routine Down But Keep It Simple.

Ok, I know that’s very easy to say but don’t go for a full routine. Meaning, don’t try to do so much, don’t try to wake up early and work out, eat breakfast, meditate, etc on day one, even on day 50. Keep it something easy that you can do even if you’re running late. Make coffee, listen to a podcast, and maybe do a few stretches in order to wake up. That way even if you forget one or two things then it’s easy to do something quickly.


Plan out what You Can

Plan out the things that are tangible. If you can plan out a day off or an earlier day then do so. Again I would keep it easy and simple and not anything ridged unless it’s absolutely necessary. Something you can do after work unless you’re off that day. Put it on your phone if so you can get a notification about your plans even if it’s small.

Do The Same Thing Every Day

Plan an easy routine like cleaning up before bed, reading a book or making dinner. Do it for a few days and commit to it daily. Gradually you can add more but always start off slow and easy.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Don’t

Remember you’re learning and trying. Do beat yourself up if you’re not as productive as you were the other day or the day before. Take note and try to be better the next day. You got this and thank you for trying to be a better person.

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