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Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about how to thrift furniture. I love, love, love how the world is going more toward a thrifted lifestyle. It’s the best way to help the environment and get more unique items that can’t be created everywhere. I’m proud to say that most of my furniture is thrifted from family or from a shop. I will show you guys how I did it and the best ways to thrift furniture for your home.

View all the Thrifted photos multiple times.

View the photo time and time again from multiple angles if you’re buying online. I am an online shopper, I always make sure to look for multiple photos, and if they say it has a stain or damage I look for that specifically, obviously, if it’s not shown that’s sketchy.

Thrift Locally

Most sellers that thrift don’t take returns and if they do then you may end up paying shipping fees. I like to buy locally so I can inspect the item myself and if I don’t want it or don’t need it I can refuse the item and have no hard feelings. Also, make sure you meet publicly and someone goes with you or at least knows where you’re at, safety first.

Try Local Thrift Stores

I know this is common sense but if you don’t feel comfortable going to meet someone then go to the store. Habitat for Humanity Restore is a great one to shop at. They have good used items and a lot of couches if you need them.

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Let Friends and Family Know You’re Looking

This is really good if you have a friend moving soon and they’re downsizing. Most times people just want new things in a new place always ask it saves time and money.

Inspect Items & Be Ready To ReUpholster

Please look under the cushions, unzip the pillowcase and see any signs of stains or bugs. You might need to reupholster some things. I had to sand and strip and bench to disinfect and get some stains off. If you can see the potential go for it.

Thrifting is a great way to refresh your environment and furnish your house without breaking the bank and harming the environment. Almost 90% of my home is thrifted and I’m so in love with everything in it. I hope you find joy in thrifting too and would love to hear some of your tips and see you’re thrifted items #Alittlehippieish on Instagram and we’ll share!

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