I have gotten in the habit of recreating my own cleaner. I love to keep a fresh house but I don’t like the smell of a cleaner and even the fragrance in it is just strong. I wanted to try to create my own and I’ve seen so many recipes on Pinterest that I thought I could try it for myself! And now I have my favorite cleaner that barely leaves a scent behind at all and still cleans. Since I don’t like long introductions let’s just get straight to the recipe.

2 Tbsp Vinegar ( a great acidity cleaner to help dissolve the nastiness on the counters)

2 Tbsp Rubbing Alcohol ( To kill the bacteria DUH!)

5 Drops of Essential oil of your choice ( I love lavender and Eucalyptus)

2 Cups of Water

Pour it into your reusable spray bottle and you are all set! If you need a little extra grit ad some baking soda to help scrub any else off. Easy and green can’t beat that.

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