I never cared for shaving, I don’t think anyone does. But there’s a certain aesthetic that we like and health benefits to keeping your bush trimmed like keeping you smelling fresh since there’s no home for bacteria and sweat to live. With this in mind, I do remove pubic hair. It can be hard to find a minimalistic and eco-friendly way to remove hair. Enter sugaring, an easy and affordable way to remove the hair without harsh chemicals, almost zero waste and some say it’s less painful than waxing.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring as stated before is an all-natural hair removal process that involves sugar, lemon, and water making it into a thick candy-like texture. You apply this to the hair in the way it grows the quickly remove the paste revealing hairless skin. The eco-friendly aspect of it is you can reuse the paste over again till it’s full of hair so it’s all used. Then when you’re done you simply rinse it down the drain since it’s all-natural it’ll degrade like normal and there’s no effort.

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My Experience

Now I get it professionally done. I must say it’s not nearly as bad as it was when I did it by myself. Also, they taught me the proper way to prepare for the treatment. Exfoliate the area before getting serviced. I use a dry brush and just scrub very well. This helps loosen up the hair to make it come out easier. The procedure was a lot quicker than waxing and I was even able to hold a conversation during the procedure. Afterward, my skin was so soft and when I worked out that night it didn’t sting like it does when I get waxed. When the hair grew back it was sparse. I felt like I could go another month before I went to get it done again. And even then it was only a few hairs, it was mostly for my underarms that grew back very long. Overall, I do enjoy this much more than I did with waxing and shaving and I feel better doing it because it’s less wasteful.

Have you or will you try sugaring?

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