I grew up I was made painfully aware of other people’s opinions. Everyone knew my family and I always had to fit the mold, unless that’s what I felt like. Living like that can take a toll on you and often give you an identity crisis. You might think that you have to fit in or that this is you while feeling like something is wrong. I can relate but you don’t have to stay this way, you can live however you want. I will show you how I broke free of my mold and learned to live my truth.

Accept that you are different.

When I came ‘out’ as me. It was painful not going to lie. Fighting with my shadow self was painful but it was so worth it. The way I am now I absolutely love and I would never go back. You have to accept the way you are no matter how odd you’re life might seem to others it’s YOUR LIFE live it how you want.

Do something to free yourself from your Shell.

One thing I did when I was transforming was color my hair. I went to a bright blue and it looked amazing with my buzz cut. It was the first thing that I did that was completely different from what I would normally do and I loved it, everyone did. They would say it looked like me and it matched me so well, it felt like it too! So do something unexpected just for you and you’d be surprised at the support you may receive and if you don’t remember this is for you.

Relearn What You Like

I used to do things that I thought I enjoyed to fit the mold that I was put in and I never understood why I was always bored or unmotivated. It’s because I wasn’t doing things that brought me joy or I was passionate about. So relearn yourself, find what you truly enjoy no matter how odd it is. This is the time you learn the new you, your true self.

Find your tribe

I know so cliché, but you know what I mean. You might find that some people in your life drop off and no longer align with your new self. Now don’t take this and cut off your friends for no reason but sometimes when you change you might not accept things as easily as you once did or they might not like you anymore. Either way, it’s ok, some people are forever some people are a season.

Live your best life. Live your life to the fullest, try new food, go on an adventure, and love yourself. You deserve it.

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