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How I Created a EcoFriendly Skin Care Routine

When I committed myself to an eco-conscious life one of the places that were top on my list was my skin care routine. I am an avid lover of skincare and consider myself a student. I’m also well aware of the impact my purchase has and the message I’m sending. If I’m choosing to be kinder to the Earth that means I have to be to all her creatures while causing no additional harm. There was a lot of work to do since I’ve been collecting for a while but I’ll show you how to make your skincare routine safe for you and the environment.

Firstly, I had to take stock of what I had. What brands did I have that fell in to my ethics? Is the brand ecofriendly or neutral do they or any of their parent companies test on animals or sell where animal testing is required? Is the packaging reusable? Some of these have wiggle room but most are set in stone. Instead of ditching everything and rushing out to the nearest beauty store I chose to use what I had until it was gone. The money is spent, the animal has already been tested on, no need to create more waste.

Next, it was time to replace what was needed. The key word being needed. Luckily I was out of most things. In order to find products I googled a few brands, I wanted an effective skin care routine so I searched beauty store websites so I could compare products. After I found a few brands and products I wanted to try I would dig deeper. Researching things I care about, checking out the brand’s ‘About Me’ section and any scandals they may have had.

In the beginning I only bought things I needed and I can’t stress that enough. The best way to be ecofriendly is to limit your spending to just the necessities. As I slowly began to replace my items with better options my collection became greener til now my whole skincare routine is ecofriendly and cruelty free. My research is on the fly unless I’m looking into an entire company. I have my key phrases like is ‘brand’ ecofriendly or does ‘brand’ test on animals and I look for specific websites like cruelty free kitty.com for brand info and double check vegan for ingredients because they’re my trusted source. Once you get into your groove you’ll know what to look about for and how to spot fakes. It’s a learning process we all have to go through. I hope this helped you on your journey and I look forward to hearing from you on Instagram or Facebook. Until next time 🥰

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