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Can you believe that 36% of Americans feel lonely? Loneliness can lead to depression, anxiety, and a feeling of hopelessness. I used to be one of the many. Going through life not thinking that people get me or no one knew the real me. Hell, even when I opened up to people there was still this wall there that made me think they don’t really care. Eventually, that loneliness made me go into a bubble and never want to come out. After my own personal hell of 2020, I came out on the other side, not with a ton of friends but the feeling of loneliness disappeared. I won’t say my method will work for everyone but it may help a few. Here we go.

Get into therapy.

I know everyone says this but it’s true, I would be 6 feet under if I wasn’t in it. And be completely open and vulnerable none of that tough guy stick. I used therapy not as a cure but as a place to vent. To yell, scream, cry and have as many breakdowns as I wanted. I just needed to let it out and it felt good to do it without people judging, have someone care, and even be in your corner rooting for you to be better. Therapy is not a cure it’s a place for you to be open and get help.

Understand people are busy

One thing that I had to learn is the world doesn’t revolve around me. Time moves whether I’m a part of it or not and it’s no one else’s job to keep up with me because of how I’m feeling. This may be a comfort to some or it may make you feel worst but understand they still care. When I was at my lowest the people I thought wouldn’t care all came up and gave me their love and truly listened. So just remember even though people are busy and going about their day they still care about you even if they can’t be around 24/7.

Find A Hobby

Now it’s time for you to get busy. Find a hobby to give you something to do and get you out of your head! I found my hobby on BuzzFeed( I know )and it suggested gardening. I tried it and found a nee passion, plants they make me so happy. When I was feeling down I would look up different plants to buy and join different gardening communities to talk about them. It became a mini obsession, that turned into a passion. Go find something to get out of your head and enjoy yourself.

Maybe Get A Pet

This is awesome but only if you’re able to care for it. Please if you’re not ready to wash feces out of something and train them properly then don’t. But my dog Tokie I’m in love with he is the dog in the 15 things that made me happy article and every day even when he’s the worst he’s still the best. Get a pet for a companion someone to come home to and chill with it’s the best feeling in the world to learn about them and care for them.

Find happiness in the loneliness

Make you your own best friend. Embrace independence and learn new things about you and how amazing and fascinating you are. It’s best to do that without any outside opinions telling you who you are or how they think you should be. I found who I was and what my passions were when I freed myself from other people’s opinions when they were relating me to a past version of myself. When you’re free from distractions and second thoughts you can do and live how free you want to be.

Most importantly understand that we are all connected in a way. From the delivery driver that is dropping off your food to the person who made and designed your shirt. We are all creatures that intersect with each other on a daily basis in one way or another. Find what you like, and do things you’re interested in and you’ll be able to find peace alone and maybe even a friend within yourself.

Good luck out there 😉

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