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Best Story Podcasts To Listen To While Driving

Sometimes I don’t feel like listening to a song. I want to zone out on my drive listening to a podcasts but not necessarily a chat amongst two friends but a good story with a plot that will keep me on the end of my seat and wondering what will happen next. I know I’m not alone in this, there are moments we all have where you can’t find the right song for your mood or you’re just looking to unwind from the day. I know I got you and here’s my coveted list of favorites.

A black writer, voiced by Gabbi Sidibe, spends a summer in Westchester with her boyfriend to see how the upper class lives. She then vanishes without a trace the only clue is the voice memos she left behind. That’s when a white podcast host with a savior complex makes it her mission to find and save her. This show (once you get into it) you’ll fall in love with. There are so many twists and turns that happen in this story that amazes with an epic fight scene! I highly recommend and there’s nothing else that I have yet to find that is like this series. A bonus is you can binge listen to it and be satisfied with the ending because the series is complete.

Tower 4 is about a newly appointed fire watcher (Mike) in Wyoming woods coping with his mother’s recent passing. His hope is that the new job will be peaceful and help change his perspective on life and work on his book. Of course, it’s not all that it seems there are strange noises over his radio at night and odd noises in the woods. His coworkers and boss are making it seem as if he’s losing his mind and he knows something is up. The story is wonderfully produced and has an amazing plot the only thing I don’t like about this podcast is there are long pauses in between the episodes but when you hear the quality of the show you’ll understand why still it’s worth a listen.

Let’s Not Meet is a podcast about true horror stories written by those who survived. It honestly is amazing and fascinating to hear these stories especially if you’re a true crime lover. To be honest, I love the stories but they do inspire a bit of paranoia I enjoy the narrator -Andrew- voice it’s so easy to listen to. The stories are uploaded weekly and are all user-submitted so you’re hearing first-person accounts from the victims. It gives you a whole new perspective of true crime since often you only hear about the criminal, not the victims. Just make sure you listen in moderation since we know what too much True Crime can do to the brain(read about it here).

Welcome To NightVale

I found Welcome to Nightvale a few years ago when I was driving back home from Maryland. I was in search of a horror story podcast show and I kind of found one. Welcome To Nightvale is a twice-monthly community radio show hosted by Cecil in the small desert city of nightvale where every conspiracy theory is true. Just to give you an idea of the show there’s a dog park that doesn’t exist that has black figures in it. the secret police, and there is an old lady that lives in everyone’s home. I enjoy the show because it’s just strange but very interesting if you want an unconventional story to hear this is it.

All these shows are available on Spotify and most other platforms. I hope you check these out and if you enjoy them let me know what you thought about them.

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