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5 Ways To Create A Ecofriendly Kitchen

One of the places where I feel like we could all be a little more environmentally conscious is the kitchen. It’s the heart of the house and where everyone comes to gather. Often times it ends up being the most neglected especially when it comes to being good for us and the environment. So today I thought we’d tackle the best room (besides the bedroom) and make it easy organized and environmentally sound as possible. Let’s create an ecofriendly kitchen!

What are the benefits of having an ecofriendly kitchen?

There are so many benefits of having an ecofriendly kitchen. You’re not causing harm to the environment with toxic chemicals and you don’t spend as much money because the products you have at home are more durable and meant to last so you’re not constantly spending money on products that you’re just going to have to replace after a while. It’s not only a time saver but also an earth saver.

How To Have A Ecofriendly Kitchen

Start with what you bring in

If you have a bulk or plastic-free store near you I’d suggest shopping there if you can. Try buying in bulk (spices, beans, oats, etc) and storing them in glass jars. Try looking for biodegradable trash bags I’m looking into some most are made of recyclable materials and I have mixed views of that.


Change your eating style

This might rub people the wrong way but in my opinion, most aren’t sustainable. Once the animal is dead I can’t use anything from that animal to make a new one, unlike plants where I can regrow the plant. Opting for a vegan, vegetarian, meatless Monday will help for a greener kitchen.

Start a compost & Recycle Bin

I personally like composting over recycling but both are good for the environment it goes into the soil which helps my plants. But as far as packaging goes always recycle when possible or buy in bulk.

Only Buy What You Need/Create A Menu

buying extra stuff that you may or may not use will not only clutter up your space but it also wastes your money. Try creating a menu for what you plan on eating for the week and stick to that, you’ll narrow down your shopping list and use everything you buy. If you’re only cooking for one, meal prepping will be your best friend no cooking and smaller lists.

Go paperless and reuse jars

Use more towels than paper towels even if you can’t go cold turkey they’re reusable paper towels that you can wash up to 3 to 4 times before tossing. Once you get that down you can also reuse pasta jars for storage and for lunches.

If you’re going for more of an eco-friendly lifestyle I hope this helps if you’re interested in another room in your house please let me know I’ll be happy to help! Don’t forget to share with your friends to help them on their journey too!


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