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Caring For A Monstera Plant

A few years ago, I got into houseplants, like really really into them. At one point, I had about 45 plants I loved them all. I joined a plant community that only makes you want to buy more and more plants. They have this thing called #MonsteraMonday I would see these beautiful Monstera plants and I wanted them so bad. I finally got one and became obsessed, I would care for it obsessively it grew beautifully. Since this is a very in-demand plant I wanted to share with you guys some of the plant mom tips I learned about Monsteras.

If You Want Holes Give Them Bright Light

They do best in medium to bright light, not direct light that’s a bit intense. So if you have a large window that gets good lighting throughout the day that’s perfect! As long as it’s not too harsh think tropical lighting instead of desert.

Give Them A Good Amount Of Water Not ALL The Water

Put the watering can down! All because it’s a tropical plant doesn’t mean you need to dowse it in water. Water it about once or twice a week, if you have it in bright light then you’ll need to water it more. I water my monstera from the bottom let it take up as much as it needs, and I do this about once a week.


It’s Tropical It Needs Humidity & Warmth

Make sure you keep the temperature in the home above 60°F (15°C) just so your plants are in tiptop shape. As far as the humidity I mist mine once every few days, you can also purchase a humidifier if you like.

Avoid Pests

While Monstera’s don’t really have a pest issue sometimes they will get a few. I use neem oil and gently coat the leaves. Doing this makes sure that the oil reaches every part of the plant, allows me to inspect the plant for any issues, and removes dust from the leaves so it absorbs light better.

Lastly Soil Matters

Monsteras prefer a well-draining soil mix. If you prefer to mix your own make sure you add perlite to make sure it doesn’t hold a lot of water.

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