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5 Ways To Have A Productive Morning

Mornings are usually hectic for most people. From getting yourself ready to making breakfast or even just getting your little ones ( fur or non-fur babies alike) ready for the day it feels like it’s more work than it needs to be. Today we’ll give you 5 ideas on how to have a productive morning.

Prep it as much as possible the night before

I’m a huge advocate of meal prepping. It makes everything simple and you don’t have to worry about rushing for anything. So make your lunch the day before and even your smoothies and whatever you can so you’re not rushing to do it before.

Do some stretching

You don’t need to do a full yoga session. But a good morning stretch, toe touch, and a good back twist help open your body and get your blood flowing so even if you want to spend one more hour in bed you’ll have too much energy to do so.

Wake up on your first alarm

Let’s be real most people don’t wake up on the first try and you end up rushing a bit more than usual or needed. So wake up people.


Say your affirmations

Remember your words are powerful. You control your happiness and your day. So say how you want the day to go and say it often you’ll be amazed at the energy you bring into the space.

Set a morning playlist

Instead of checking the news or listening to your murder mystery podcast listen to things that give you energy and makes you feel good. It’ll keep you up and ready for the day and set the tone you need.

Hopefully, this inspires you to have a more productive morning and or day and sets you up for success. Until next time.

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