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What Is Forest Bathing And How Do You Do It

Forest Bathing is a Japanese practice called ‘shinrin-yoku’. It’s a form of nature therapy that gives your a break from the bustle of urban life and the rushing energy and allows you to reset and disconnect in the abundance of nature. Today we will find out all the benefits of Forest bathing and how to do it (no soap and water necessary).

Benefits Of Forest Bathing

So let’s jump straight into it! Why should you do it when you have a patio and can just sit outside. Well, you’re not completely connecting with nature. It’s similar to why your apartment isn’t as relaxing as your mom’s house the energy is different the vibe completely changes. When you go out and completely disconnect from the urban world there are no sirens going off, loud music from your neighbors or, the thoughts of work looming in the background it’s just you and the trees. Forest bathing can also help with:

Lowers blood pressure

Improve Mental Health

Help Sleep

Helps you feel rested

Helps you think more clearly and improves brain functions

Strengthens the immune system

Helps with breathing and respiratory issues

Now that we have the why let’s get to the how.

You don’t need to travel to the forests of Japan, New Zealand or even need a huge green space even a little pathway by your house is good. You want an area where you feel calm and connected to nature. Turn off your phone and completely connect with nature. Take a few walks around the area and listen to the rustling grass, smell the fresh air and connect. The average session is about 2 hours you can always work your way up to this amount by spending an hour then an hour and a half till you make it to 2 hours then you can go for however long you need.

Forest bathing is a great way to disconnect and reclaim your connection to nature and the life and beauty around you. Let me know if you’ve tried it before and your experience! And don’t forget to share with all your friends.


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