Is Perfectionism Getting In The Way Of Your Goals?

The other day I was talking to a dear friend of mine about our goals in life. They were telling me about all these ideas they have and how they would need to put them on the back burner because they needed everything to be perfect. I couldn’t help but wonder why it needed to be perfect before it went out, especially when they have all the things they needed and they simply answered “it’s just how my mind works.” And while it’s fine to want things to be a certain way before you present them nothing will ever be perfect because our idea of perfectionism is always changing.

We’re constantly changing and evolving so our idea of perfectionism will always change and there will always be things we want to change and do before we reach our goal. With that in mind sometimes it’s better to just do it. Do it as best you can with what you have now and allow yourself to grow into your vision. I like to think about it as a TV show. The 1st episode of a show is usually such a rough cut. If it’s an animated series the animation is usually sloppy and the characters are usually one-dimensional.


The creator though had an idea and an opportunity to put out their best work forward and they did with what they had at the time. As they got better materials and understood the characters more they got better and better. You can grow with your ideas and make them into everything you ever wanted if you give them a chance. Don’t miss your chance by waiting for the perfect time.

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