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How To Get A Restful Nights Sleep

Do you have long nights when you lay in bed wondering why you can’t sleep? Same. I call myself a night owl but in reality, I’m tired but I just can’t seem to calm my mind down enough to actually tire myself out. That is until I did a little more research on how to actually sleep so I would feel rested and ready to take on the bed and here I will share them with you.

First thing, become more active during the day. One of the reasons we become night owls is we’re not moving around during the day. We go to work and sit down all day, then go home and sit than when it’s time to lay down you’re wide awake. You’ve given nothing to your body or mind to be tired about so now that it has some time to think it’s gonna! So try to be more active whether it’s reading a book, going for walk, or finding a new hobby just make sure it’s something that you know will tire you out.


Make your sleeping area your sanctuary. This one is the most important in my book. If you have the tv going at night in your room it’s harder to go to bed, especially if something good is on. With the blue light brightening up your room it’s going to be hard to get a good night’s sleep. Turn everything off or dim if you need noise to try a white noise machine or a podcast so you can turn off your screen and still sleep well.

Create a nightly ritual. Get in the habit of doing the same thing before bed every night, it’ll send signals to your mind that you’re getting ready for bed and you need to start shutting everything down. Make sure you start it at a particular time and don’t deviate so you’ll get the best results.

Set the mood. Get your diffuser ready, get the lighting right, get your pajamas on, and rest. When you lay down take a few deep breaths to calm down and focus on your breathing especially if you’d mind wanders and remember to relax if your mind wanders go back to your breathing. Before you know it you’ll be sleeping..

I hope this helps you on your nightly journey to rest a relaxation. Please don’t forget to follow and on Facebook and Instagram, thank you, guys.

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