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Benefits Of Using Eucalyptus In Your Home

Ok, y’all know about eucalyptus right? How we all have it in our showers to help open up our airways and deep puff, well it’s so much more than just a pretty face that gives you breathing space let’s talk about why you need this plant and how the shower is not the only place you can use it!

Benefits Of Eucalyptus

There are a ton of benefits when it comes to Australian beauty today we’ll focus on the big 3.

The active ingredient that gives eucalyptus its distinct aroma is Cineole. This scent is known for increasing brainwave activity and helping prevent mental and physical fatigue.

Researchers at the International flavors and fragrances found that eucalyptus can help boost energy levels.

The tannins can help reduce inflammation and in traditional aboriginal medicine, the oil was used to treat wounds and treat fungal infections. It is also known to help with cough colds and flu.


How To Use Eucalyptus

The most popular method is in the shower. This helps release the aroma and it’s great to absorb while your lungs are open and can help with any respiratory issues you might have.

Secondly is to keep the plant or oil in your study or where ever you do work to help keep your mind energized and ready to work. It’s also great for long drives for this same reason!

In the kitchen, you can use eucalyptus leaves in teas to help reduce fevers but please consult your doctor before ingesting any new medicine.

I love eucalyptus it’s an amazing all-natural plant that has multiple uses. I hope you found this helpful and I’ll see you on my Instagram and Facebook.

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