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Toxic Positivity

I have a confession I’m not always happy. There are days when I just want to stay indoors and not do anything and that’s fine. Everyday isn’t going to be a good one it’s about how you react to it.

When people think about living a mindful / Hippieish life they think it’s all positivity and happiness. It’s not, we are people to. We get mad, anxious, and yes even sad. It’s natural we just react to it differently. For example today I was in a negative mood. When I realized it I went through the entire question list. Was it something I saw? Like was I triggered? Did something happen? All no. I just was. It can happen, negativity can creep in to every life. Since I didn’t want to feel like that I turned on my happy show (Bob’s Burgers) got some happy food (veggie pizza) and opened my balcony door to let in some fresh air.

Being happy and positive all the time is not realistic accept that you are human and your mood will change. If you are in a bad mood try not to wallow in it but remember you control your mood. Keep it moving and eventually the mood will past.

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