Yesterday I had gotten some very bad news and I let it effect me all day. I fell back in to my old habits, my comforts because I felt bad so I deserved this and that. I took a day off from everything and cuddled with my puppy. I thought it would make me feel better and I would come out refreshed and it didn’t. I woke up today in a n even worst mood and feeling terrible because of all the bad decisions I did yesterday. So now on top of feeling bad I feel even worst because I fell behind on things. I began to reflect on my day and thought about what I could do instead. What would I thank myself for because my vices aren’t helping. So I went for a longer walk with my dog to clear my head. I attempted a new creative pursuit that opened my eyes on how i could improve on other things. I did my practice and my mood feels 100x times better than how I felt in my cocoon. Everyday we wake up and make decisions that effect how our day and possibly our lives will go. Chose something that you’ll thank yourself for in the future not something you’ll have to recover from. You deserve happiness, we all do.

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