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No Reaction Is A Reaction

Today was a long one. From the moment I woke up the world was testing every ounce of me and I couldn’t figure out the reason. Maybe it’s just the energy in the air or maybe it was testing my mindset to see if I was serious about the path I was taking who knows.

The important thing is I didn’t react even though I was frustrated. I used to believe it was healthy to react to everything strongly, that bottling up things was bad, and make no mistake it still is. However, becoming a slave to your emotions is just as bad. When you think and feel everything so strongly can send you on an emotional rollercoaster. Today I practiced no reaction. I would still be upset but I wouldn’t let it send me on a spiral. A simple it is what it is mentally for the thing I could not control saved me so much time and energy and helped me think more clearly. Because I wasn’t reactive I wasn’t as stressed out about everything I was able to laugh about which put me in a better mood about everything and I didn’t carry that energy around with me.

If you’re wondering how it’s done just remember to think big picture. If something goes bad or wrong it’s a bad five minutes, hour, or few hours but not a bad life. Say it out loud so the universe can hear you and smile, genuinely. Most importantly, don’t dwell on it. It does no good to anyone. Remember you can be anything thing in the world 🌎 so try to be positive.

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