When I first moved out on my own I was by myself in a new city. I had no friends and no family around and I had to navigate the world on my own. It was a big change that I wasn’t completely ready for. I don’t think I would have ever been truly ready to leave my whole life behind. I would often reflect and say if I could go back I would have stayed at home longer, I would have stacked my money up and then really hit it hard. However, that would not have helped much. Although having more money would have been nice, the mental and emotional change that happened really helped me grow as a person and understand what was really important to me. The hardship financial changes I went through helped me become better with money.

If I had waited and made all those changes it doesn’t mean things would have been any easier for me in a new city. More importantly, I don’t know who I would have been having not gone through said changes. I’m grateful my life wasn’t always easy and it’s crazy for me to say that considering my past, but my past shaped me into the woman I am now. Someone who has a better understanding of who she is and keeps her mental health and the forefront of her mind. Someone who now knows her worth and knows the benefit of a true friendship. You shouldn’t regret or wish that your past was different those are life lessons that shaped you into the beautiful person that you are now. I know it’s painful to look back, but you’ve survived and accomplished so much even with the odds stacked against you. Be proud of who you are from start to finish. You are worthy of love and acceptance, especially when it comes from within.

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