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Rid Yourself Of That Catastrophic Mindset

I have a news flash for you, that argument that you have the perfect comeback for isn’t going to happen. I know it’s shocking but, it’s not. All you’re doing is triggering all those negative feelings and emotions for literally no reason. It’s a terrible manifestation mindset you’re putting yourself in, and now you’re ready to fight who, for what? Sometimes, I do the same thing especially, in the shower and I’ll be ready to ‘go’ with whoever comes in my path.

This catastrophic thinking comes from an untrained mind. Your mind is a custom to running the show and doing whatever it pleases regardless of how it will make you feel. It’s like an untrained child going crazy and doing whatever it wants knowing that there are no consequences for its actions. While I’m not telling you to punish or deprive yourself if your mind goes that direction but just gently correct it. If you see yourself going in that direction take a few deep breaths to calm down and center yourself. Remind yourself what you’re doing at the moment to ground yourself. These thoughts serve no purpose and just disrupt your vibe. By not entertaining them you don’t give them roots to grow. Remember, your mind is a powerful thing if you can control and make it work for you, you’ll be amazed at the things that will come.

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