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Does It Matter If Your Sky Is Green

A mindset that most people have in life is a win-or-lose situation. We don’t judge it on who’s happier, we don’t let things go, it’s always I win you lose I’m right you’re wrong. It’s never, your opinion is different than mine it’s your opinion is wrong. I can’t help but wonder why? What difference does it make in your personal life if someone does agree with you? We’re lucky to live in a society where having a different opinion about a person or lifestyle doesn’t mean the end of the world. A famous quote by someone I don’t remember said ” All because your sky looks green doesn’t make mine any less blue.” I take it as, just because someone has a different opinion than you or looks at the situation differently has little to no effect on your life. As I previously stated we thankfully live in a society where having a different opinion doesn’t affect your life. So what’s stopping you from simply walking away and continuing with your day?

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