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Simple Upgrades To Make To Your Home Ecofriendly

Hello Hello everyone! I am back with a new way to help you out with living a complete wellness and eco friendly lifestyle. Today we’re looking at how to make your house more ecofriendly and peaceful all around. So let’s get in to it.

  1. Bidget

One thing that I was lost about was how to make it more eco-friendly. I don’t like the idea of using excessive toilet paper, to me, it’s just wasteful. I recently found out about a bidget and tried it out, but with my toilet, it didn’t work out. It was leaky and the tube didn’t reach. So I had to switch it up and get a portable one I found at Target for $15. It has saved me so much in TP as an example I’m still on my first roll from the first of the month.

2. Adjusting Your Thermostat a few degrees

When it comes to the temperature in the home it will vary from person to person but I find it saves on energy. According to the perfect setting for your thermostat in winter 68 degrees, summer 78 degrees. Most people are comfortable around this temptation and your system doesn’t have to use as much energy to warm up or cool down your house thus saving you money.

3. Swap out your light bulbs for LED bulbs

LED bulbs last so long (around 13 years on average) and they shine so much brighter and save on energy costs.

4. Line dry your clothes.

Hand washing isn’t suitable for everyone but getting more into line drying is helpful for the environment and keeps your clothes looking fresher longer. I did this for a while and I will tell you I much prefer my clothes air-dried than in the dryer, the clothes were softer and never wrinkled.

5. Invest in a water filter

I will never know why people buy water bottles. They are so wasteful and you have water coming out of your tap that works just fine. Purchasing a water filter saves you so much money and getting a reusable tumbler makes more sense do like me and use a mason jar, it’s easy, affordable, and ecofriendly.

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